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"If I can say ONE word, anywhere, anytime, I can say ANY word, anywhere, anytime."
Lee G. Lovett

What is SAA?

Speech Anxiety Anonymous Organization (SAA), formed in 2016, is a fellowship of people who have stopped stuttering (PWSS) who help people who stutter (PWS) and people with lesser forms of speech anxiety eliminate those anxieties. SAA was intended to showcase case histories of those who stopped stuttering and learned to love to speak and, thus, to give hope to PWS worldwide, hope that they, too, could join and live in the fluent world. SAA was created by Lee Lovett to spread the word that stuttering can be stopped and to help PWS stop stuttering, but, Lee, working alone, could not do all of the administrative things that websites and services require. So, SAA was later kept alive by World Stop Stuttering Association (WSSA) -- a non-profit organization launched in 2022 by Lee and people who stopped stuttering (PWSS) using Lee’s methods.

As of this update in spring 2022, Lee has coached over 6,000 sessions of PWS worldwide, all for free, and he estimates that several hundred PWS have stopped stuttering. Nearly 200 of them have posted their Stopped Stuttering Stories (SSS) on SAA, many with supporting videos, and have joined SAA’s Speech Hall of Fame. Most of those SSS are also posted on the website of WSSA, which does its best to spread the word that stuttering can be stopped and that PWS can even teach themselves to love to speak. WSSA tries to serve PWS at the lowest possible cost to PWS. WSSA’s modest charges cover a small fraction of its monthly costs, which, so far, have been covered by Lee personally and a few donations.

With an estimated 70 million stutterers and hundreds of millions with speech anxieties that materially reduce their speaking, especially to groups, Lee has accepted the fact that he, coaching alone, would never be able to make his methods known worldwide sufficiently to help most PWS, nor can he coach forever anyway. Others at SAA would like to spend their lives coaching for free, as Lee does, but the laws of economics don’t allow them to do it. Knowing that his days of free coaching are numbered, and that SAA could not carry the Stop Stuttering Torch alone, a wonderful solution literally fell from the sky: World Stop Stuttering Association (WSSA).

World Stop Stuttering Association

SAC (Speech Anxiety Cures) has been replaced by
World Stop Stuttering Association (WSSA)
A non-profit organization devoted to helping stutters

As to Coaching: The laws of economics have made it impossible for SAA to provide FREE coaching by anyone other than Lee Lovett. Most PWSS are young and are struggling financially and some do not wish to coach. World Stop Stuttering Association (WSSA) is solving that problem by simply paying PWSS-Coaches very small fees – (in spring 2020) approximating ONE-QUARTER of the cost of the time of most speech therapists. SAA’s Founder, Lee Lovett, DOES continue to coach for free, but he gives priority to members so of WSSA, and, as one person, he can only coach handfuls of PWS, while WSSA can potentially help hundreds or even thousands. As such, those seeking coaching, should go now to WSSA, speechanxiety.com.

World Stop Stuttering Association (WSSA) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit Delaware corporation. As a non-profit, it has no shareholders and its goal is not profits. It is administrated by Lee Lovett and a growing team of his EX-stutterers, people who stopped stuttering (PWSS), who have embraced Lee’s dream:

Eliminate stuttering and all forms of speech anxiety
from the planet and do so at the least possible cost to PWS.

To help WSSA, Lee licensed WSSA to present Lee’s methods in unlimited forms, including Lee’s books, video courses on his books, blogs, a video library of already over 2,000 coaching videos and growing rapidly (each of which is much like a private coaching session that can be seen by all WSSA members), a speech club tailored to the special needs of stutterers and speech anxiety sufferers, and even one-on-one coaching by Lee and those PWSS whom he has trained to coach as he does, at fees now approximating 25% of the charges of most Speech Language Pathologists. Lee and WSSA firmly believe that EX-stutterers can better understand stuttering and how to beat than can SLP’s, most of whom never stuttered and the rest still stutter.

While many forms of therapies have proven helpful, there is a widely held misconception which holds that that stuttering “is an incurable disease”. SAA’s Founders and those listed among SAA’s Success Stories have proved, and continue to prove every month with new Success Stories, that people can stop stuttering and become fluent to all appearances (typically in a few months); and, additionally, over a longer period, stop thinking about their speech entirely. While other methods may work (and SAA hopes that they do), SAA relies upon the methods that it knows work – namely, those set forth in Lee Lovett's book (Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, What 1,000+ Stutterers Taught Me, 3rd Edition, which is included with a lecture-course by Lee from WSSA. It is also available on Amazon. Both offer it in a number of languages).

Stuttering became Lee's biggest blessing in life.

* Donations: SAA’s costs are funded by WSSA. Currently, Lee covers most of WSSA’s month. Please help us help PWS worldwide by donating to WSSA.

Some Success Stories

Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.
Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.
Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.
Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.
Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.
Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.
Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.
Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.
Image of coach who used stuttering treatment online
Click image for self-cure history.

After you Register, you can request coaching.

What PWS Say about SAA

"Lee Lovett has developed a comprehensive, easy to follow approach to stuttering self-therapy which may bring lasting relief from stuttering, and demolish its underlying iceberg of fears and anxieties. Lee’s approach worked for me. A severe stutterer until age of 40, I adopted the approach and many of the crutches that Lee teaches, and my stutter went into remission. Now, twenty years later, I have not relapsed and my fear of stuttering has completely vanished. Lee’s/SAA’s coaching is completely free and available to anyone anywhere. I applaud his contribution and have decided to join his winning team at SAA."
Paul Brocklehurst, Ph.D
Experimental Psychologist & Speech Researcher
"My hope is that, in time, the broader stuttering community will come to recognise that Lee’s/SAA’s approach offers a genuine and valuable alternative to the currently mainstream approaches, and that, for many adults who stutter, SAA’s approach can bring success where the mainstream approaches have failed them."
Paul Brocklehurst, Ph.D
Experimental Psychologist & Speech Researcher
"A few years ago I felt I had identified my life's purpose. It was to better understand stuttering and to design a treatment regimen that truly and successfully accomplishes the improvement of stuttering and the anxieties around it. Your book seems to do much of that and I am glad to hear reports that it is proving effective with others. I am about done with the book and I like many of its methods; a number of which I am implementing."
Matthew OMalley, Co-Founder of Facebook’s Stuttering Community, May 29, 2017
"As a Certified Hypnotist who conquered his own stuttering, I loved Lee’s book and his methods rang true to me. I recommended his book to a stuttering group and at least one of them gobbled it, Skyped with Lee and self-cured. This person I knew well, a life-long, stutter-on-most-words PWS. He now advises that he feels freedom that he never felt in his life. This is like miracle work! If only my father (a life-long stutterer) had lived to see this day."
Rob Lunan, Certified Hypnotist
Theta Research Institute, Ottawa, Canada, Dec. 2017
"My speech is phenomenal, I don’t even think about it for a second.
Months go past and I’ll think, oh yes I used to stutter.
I am so confident and I just wish more people knew about you!
It makes me so sad to think people are wasting their lives when there is a cure!"
Amira, an attorney and PWSS from South Africa
"Your [Lee’s] book is a medical breakthrough…It will help many, MANY people…As you wrote…stuttering can be REALLY cured only by attacking the root cause: the Mind…You are a pioneer in the ‘stuttering field’. You are A GENIUS…Our Skypes lift my spirits. I cannot thank you enough. You are changing lives!"
A Medical Student, Tunisia
"Previous therapy has been a waste of time and perhaps even detrimental in some cases. You truly are a god send and my husband and I are very grateful to you. I too have noticed a change in our son. He is more willing to get out of the house and try things, and his stuttering has decreased dramatically."
Australia, May 2017
"You not only improved my stammer you are also improving my life. You helped me learn how to stop stuttering permanently.
May God bless you all the happiness"
India, 14 May 2017
"I have worked with you for several months. As I mentioned many times, without your help, I would never reach the fluent level now. For the first time in my life, I begin to enjoy the joy of speech. I can tell that you are doing excellent jobs to help people."
New York, 5 February 2017
"My fluency reaches a new level these days. Now, I'm 95% or more stutter-free when I speak in Chinese, 90% or more stutter-free when I talk in English. Moreover, when I talk in English in a group, I DON'T feel NERVOUS anymore. I never feel that I enjoy the joy of speech as I do today. I'm SO happy for this. Thank you, Lee, without your help, I can't go that far."
China, J. Sun 5 April 2017
"My name is abbas badami. I live in Iran and I’ve read your impressive `Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures`, and it changed my life. I can now truly use my talents in an effective way thanks to your books."
Iran, 12 May 2017
"I am thoroughly enjoying your book. I very much appreciate being able to understand your therapy and what [my son] is doing as reading your book has let me into his world. There is a big improvement for him and it is solely because of your methods…I assume that he is reading aloud when perhaps he has the house to himself and his speech at home with my husband and I is very good. He hardly stutters now."
Australia, May 2017
"The book on stuttering is really helpful…u have opened a new chapter in my life and usurped with positivity…I’m going to start my life with this new perspective and u r my God…thanks a lot Mr. lovett…"
Mumbai, March 2017
"For those of you who have faced this struggle, Lee Lovett is the real deal. I listened to his audible book, read his book on Kindle and he repeatedly Skyped with me….at no charge. His methods work and he’s a genuine and good man…"
J.Z., Texas, October 2016
"Lee Lovett deserves the praise…I’ve no doubt in his methods at all. God bless him. He’s a light at the end of a long dark tunnel for the PWS."
A.H., Pakistan, February 2017
"Happy birthday to the man who has already set into motion my brand new life…"
SA, Australia, October 2016
"May all our stutterable armor’s be cracked by this blessed man."
New York, February 2017
"You are the living model for me. It is excellent. I am looking forward to talking with you on Skype."
Beijing, November 2016
"You are undoubtedly doing a great service to the PWS.
All the love is coming back to you, Lee."
Texas, February 2017
" Yes, your methods are working for me. I stuttered only 7 times in the last 8 days."
Delhi, February 2017
"Keep being awesome, you are making a huge difference in people’s lives, I know it.
See you, man."
Texas, March 2017
"I appreciate you so much and all that you’ve taught me. I have a whole life of free speech ahead of me, thanks to your communication and life skills that you’ve taught me…"
Florida, Jan. 2016
"I haven’t had any ‘bad days’. I’m having fun speaking."
Chicago, February 2017
"You are the topic of every [therapy] session for months now.
Know that we are grateful for all that you do."
New York, February 2017
"Lee, your book should be in the pantheon of the most helpful ‘alternative’ stuttering self-helpo tomes. This book stays away from technical jargon, and goes right into easy to use ways to become fluent. The author will even help you on your journey to fluency for FREE…"
From a book review by R. Lamoureaux, MN., February 2017
"I stutter mainly when under pressure. The techniques in this book are definitely helping. This book may launch an era of new thinking about stuttering."
O. Revish, August 2016
"This book offers the most impactful methods
of managing stuttering of any book I have read.
Being the boss of your mind, auto suggestion and
visualization will change how you speak. It changed mine."
Brian N., June 2016
"I am happy to share w you that I had a short but so nice chat with my neighbor today (last time had a long block) and [also] I ordered coffee at Starbucks, so had to say my name. Almost blocked on “Ro” [the first two letters of her name] but then I remembered the crutch and dropped the R. THANKS LEE! Baby steps, I know BUT I was so desperate and depressed this last year. Yesterday I booked an Uber and the driver called me and I spoke with him and was okay! This baby steps are making me so happy."
A Skype from a Brazilian lady, married, 30
"Two weeks ago I ordered Stuttering and Anxiety: Self-Cures, from Amazon and I can't put it down! I am a lifelong (I'm 36) stutterer . . . [Y]our self-cure techniques are god-sent! . . .Thank you so much for restoring hope in what I long ago deemed was a lost cause!"
Jay K., June 30, 2017
"As you have so correctly pointed out in your beautifully written book… we stutter because we have a FEAR of stuttering…I was 10 years old when my stutter began…My life, as I knew it, was falling apart…I am starting to practice your techniques every day, and I believe that in one year I will be fully cured of my stutter. I wish I had found your book 17 years ago. I have been changed forever."
T.A., an attorney admitted to the High Court of South Africa, July 2017
"I very much appreciate the positive encouragement Lee. It goes along way...I always feel so inspired after speaking with you. Thanks for all you do for the PWS community."
G.D., Maryland, August 2017
"I owe my cure to Lee’s book and Lee’s coaching on Skype…
Lee’s methods work and he gives his time freely and unselfishly…"
Shanghai, July 2018
"You are doing really amazing work…Thank you for all you have done for me and will continue to do for other PWS."
Carl, Kentucky, July 2018
"Congratulations Lee. Lee, your now years of work in the trenches helping as many people who stutter as you can is paying huge dividends. It takes a strong character to persist on the journey you've been on. You were just the man for that job. The tons of people you have helped is incredible. Not only does it positively impact their life, but every life has a strong ripple effect on others. Your helping of these people doesn't only impact them but the people around them in positive ways. Keep up the incredible work. The positive impact you are having and its ripple effect is profound."
As posted on Facebook’s “Stuttering Community”, on July 23, 2019,
by Matthew O’Malley, co-founder of “Stuttering Community”.
(The names of those quoted are not given without permission.)
Cover of Lee's book about how to eliminate stuttering

Lee’s and SAA’s methos are explained in
Lee’s magnum opus,
“How to Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking”

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"Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path."
From “How It Works”, Alcoholics Anonymous Manual