Prathusha Ravi, India

My name is Prathusha Ravi. I was born and raised in India; Mumbai is the closest big city to me. My languages are Tamil (an Indian dialect) and English. I’m 22, single and I work for company that specializes in doing computer work for the Bank of Montreal. I began stuttering around age six. As I aged, my stuttering seemed to plague me mostly when talking to strangers and men. I’ve tried a number of therapies without much success.

In March 2017, I discovered Lee’s book, “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures”, and I read it and it fascinated me, so I kept reading it. It seemed to help me immediately. I then emailed Lee, never expecting him to reply, but he did, and we began Skyping. This has helped too, as he explained his methods in more detail. His book has become my bible, of sorts, and, after about four Skypes a light popped on in my head and I was able to use his Crutches (for example, skipping the first letter or syllable of the next feared word), and presto: No stuttering. My stutter disappeared so fast that it shocked me. It still wants to come back, but I’m learning to avoid it most every time.

Lee assigns “homework”. For me, this included reading aloud daily, doing several 20-minute sessions of auto suggestions (or talking to yourself positively, which he explains in great detail in his book, and even better in the 2nd Edition of it), and practicing using his 12 Crutches. When I do that, daily, my speech seems fine. When I don’t do my homework, I can slip back. That is, I haven’t been self-cured long enough yet to hold onto to the cure without doing my mind training, as lee calls it, every day. This is a good thing because the auto suggestion sessions daily can help much more than just my speech.

About a month ago, Lee invited me to a meeting on Skype with six other self-cured stutterers. At that meeting, we discussed forming SAA. I was happy to be invited to join that group, even though I was only woman there. Lee told me that women only account for 25% or so of the world’s stutterers. Anyway, I was glad to hear the others speak and tell their stories. Most of them had stuttered much worse that I have but they speak so well now. I was very impressed with them, and it confirmed my view of Lee’s methods. They simply work, and, for me, they worked fast. That is, after studying the book and doing four Skypes or so, I had basically eliminated my stuttering. I’m still working on it, however, but Lee says that he is too, and his speech sounds great. The point is, I guess, that once a stutterer, always a stutterer; that is, the fear may never go away, but, like Lee, I don’t intend for others “to catch me stuttering”. That’s my goal, and I’m basically there right now. I just need to keep doing my auto suggestions and using a Crutch when I need one, but I seem to be needing them less and less.

Like everyone else, I’m very busy with my job, but I would still like to help others self-cure, especially some women who speak one of my languages. Helping other PWS seems like a wonderful way to help others, and to keep my own speech good. So, I look forward to doing that. I look forward to receiving SAA’s Coaching Manual which is now in the works. Finally, I want to say thank you to Lee for his book and tireless and enthusiastic coaching. Both the book and Lee have been life savers for me.

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Prathusha Ravi, India

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