Ankit, New Delhi

My name is Ankit; I’m 28, single, a Hindu born in India, now residing in New Delhi. I work as a computer programmer. I have been stuttering since age 3. It has been an ugly and a very heavy cross to carry. I had several therapies in the past. While some of these have helped but not in all situations. I still felt the turbulence in fearful situations.

I found Lee on Facebook and obtained his book, which included his email address. His book gave me hope and some of his methods gave me some immediate relief. So, I emailed him, and we began to Skype weekly. Some of my earlier therapy included mouth, tongue, lips and jaws exercises. This does help, as it reduces stutters but not in all situations. When I use Lee’s methods, I sound natural and fluent. Also, with Lee’s methods, I can avoid nearly all stutters, even when under intense pressure, and, as I improve my ability to use his methods steadily, the number of stutters has fallen to near zero.

Just as important, I have benefited greatly from doing auto suggestions treatments (ASTs) daily. This not only helps my speech, it helps my attitude about everything in my life, including myself. These improved attitudes have also improved my speech. Lee makes a big thing out of the person’s need to heal “the whole person”, not just the speech. This is explained in great detail in the 2nd Edition of his book, which was just released on Amazon.

I don’t believe that strangers now identify me as someone with “funny sounding speech”. This is a huge jump, and I owe it to Lee’s book and methods and to the further explanations that Lee gives me on Skype. Can my speech still improve? Absolutely, but, at this point, I do pass SAA’s threshold test of a self-cure: Strangers don’t ID me as a PWS. Equally important, with Lee’s methods, my speech sounds more natural every day. My goal is to self-cure myself.

Recently, Lee and some other self-cured PWS decided to form Speech Anxiety Anonymous/SAA and they invited me to join them as a founder. I was delighted to accept. It may be a while before I want to tackle coaching others, but I do expect to get there before too long, and I look forward to it, because I know what curing stuttering has meant to me and my life, and I’d like to help other PWS. Helping others helps me, both inside and with my speech. I’m excited to join an effort to fight stuttering around the world, all at no cost to stutterers.”

To watch and hear a video of this story, go here:

Ricky, from New Dehli, who posted his SS in April 201722 months ago.  In this FOUR-minute video, on February 8, 2019, you hear and watch his fluent speech, as he explains how he avoids relapses and how much he believes that our methods work.

Ricky Singh, New Delhi

P.S. Two and a half years after he posted the above Success Story, Ricky reported that he has remained fluent and continues to be so today.  Hear and see him speak here:

P.P.S. Once a very severe stutterer, almost four years since he posted his Success Story, Ankit did this video-validation in Jan. 2021.  In it, he told us that he has “no negative thoughts about speech anymore” and that he does “not think words” before he speaks”.  He now wants to train to be a Coach for SAC.  I should add that Ankit translated my 2nd and 3rd Editions into Hindi, making him one of our favorite PWSS.


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