Zhenhua “Johnson” Sun, Shanghai, China

My name Is Zhenhua (Johnson) Sun; I was born and raised in China; I’ve been a severe stutterer since age 3. Very few were more severe that I was.  I was 30 when I came to the U.S. in 2014 to work on my Master’s Degree. Three months later, with enormous pressure in a foreign country, I found I couldn’t talk at all. I stuttered so horribly and made such bad faces I drove people away. I was hating my speech and my life.

After communicating with several American friends, I went to a local hospital in search of speech therapy and they found me a speech therapist. It was November 2014. I met with her weekly for two years.  She told me some methods to help me and tried to let me be relaxed during talking. It helps but I was still stuttering about the same under pressure, and I, when I blocked, I clenched my face and sometimes rolled my eyes into my forehead.  I knew that it wasn’t pretty.  Because my speech therapist never stuttered, she couldn’t fully know my feelings. So she can’t give me a hand to get rid of most of my stuttering totally. 

Finally, I attacked the problem, in May 2016, I began to search books through Amazon. I found Lee’s book (Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, 1st Edition).  After reading it several times, my stuttering decreased by about a third.  In it, he gave his email address, and I wrote him.  I almost fainted when he replied and offered to help me – even for free.

Lee is an amazing person. After he received my email, Lee urged me to read the book again as soon as possible and we began doing free video talk after this. In the book, he provides many ( methods to fix stutters during talking. In the last two chapters, the most important part of the book, he introduces auto-suggestion and self-hypnosis as root methods to defeat stutter. When I read the book, I could feel Lee knows every detail of stutter. After reading the book, I felt I was equipped super weapons to fight with my stuttering. Through video talks with him, my progress was great. Now, more and more times, I can feel that I’m relaxed and comfortable when I speak with others. I can feel my progress every day. I don’t make faces when I speak now or roll my eyes into my forehead anymore.  Strangers no longer think that I am a stutterer. My stuttering is now 95% cured in Chinese and 90% in English. I owe my cure to Lee’s book and Lee’s coaching on Skype. Lee’s methods work, and he gives his time freely and unselfishly.

Since I used Lee’s methods to stop stuttering, I was able to do well in job interviews and I got the job that I wanted.  (I am an electrical engineer.)   Also, for the first time in my life, when I speak to my family, I do not stutter, and they cry.  They can not believe my fluent speech.  Then, too, I had never had a girlfriend in my life, because my stutter drove them away.  Now, for the first time, I have a girlfriend.  Every part of my life is so much better, all because I do not stutter anymore.

In the last five years, Lee has written a 2nd and 3rd Edition of his book, but he just released a new book which is MUCH better:  “How to Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking”.  It is the culmination of what he has learned from 1,000 PWS and from doing over 5,000 coching sessions with them, all for free.  His “How to Stop Stuttering” book is his greatest work.  It offers many more methods and explains all of them even better.

Not long ago, when I had video talk with Lee, he told me some people didn’t believe him before any communication and even said very malicious words for reasons we can’t understand. I felt sad about it. If you want to find a person that get benefits from Lee and his book, I’m one of the hundreds and likely thousands by now. You can add my Facebook, and then we can talk.  

In 2017, Lee and some of us PWS who have self-cured using Lee’s methods formed SAA/Speech Anxiety Anonymous, where we post Success Stories like this one.  We are also forming a community of EX-stutterers who help stutterers.  We hope to help other PWS self-cure.  I’m excited to do this.  Although I must work and have limited time, I do want to give an hour of time a week to help other PWS self-cure.  I know how much Lee’s help did for me, and now I want to do that for others.  Besides, Lee says that  his coaching of PWS makes his speech better every day.  What a blessing!

In summary, after stuttering all of my life and spending about $30,000 in two years of therapy in New York (2014-2016), I found Lee’s book and started Skyping with him in mid-2016.  Within four months or so, I stopped stuttering.  As I now update my story in 2021, I have not had a bad speech incident in almost five years.  I have never relapsed.  My life is many times improved.  I know happiness that I would never have known as a stutterer.  YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.  Don’t waste another valuable day.  Do it now.  Email Lee,, and beat it.  If you want to hear me talk, go here: .

Zhenhua Sun, Posted 2017, Last Updated 2021


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