World Stop Stuttering Association


World Stop Stuttering Association (WSSA), an IRS-approved charity, is re-writing stuttering history.  WSSA is giving PWS the option to stop stuttering and live seamlessly in the fluent world.   

It now offers a the world’s first and only program that:

1) Is taught by EX-stutterers 

2) Claims to stop stuttering and leads to loving to speak.

3) Posts hundreds of text and video PROOFS that it works.

4) Has methods proven to work for PWS from ages 5 to 88

5) Offers 5 books (1) explaining and backing up its proofs and methods.

6) Offers 2,000+ one hour coaching videos demonstrating its methods and 50 one hour Master Classes on its methods.

7) Offers a weekly speech club/hangout (SAM) tailored to PWS’ needs.

8) Offers 300+ 1-5 minute videos of Greatest TIPS to beat stuttering.

9) Offers private coaching by EX-stutterers (with access to Practice Sessions and to a full community of EX-stutterers).

10) Is an IRS-approved charity and is incredibly inexpensive.

Don’t be among the last to join WSSA’s AND YOUR fluent world.

1. “How to Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking”; “Stop Stuttering SHORT Course;  “Stuttering Stories with Happy Endings: 101 Real Life Stories”;  “Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking”; and “WORDS You Need to Know”.