What SAA IS and is NOT

What SAA Is Not

SAA is NOT place to swap ideas on stuttering cures that are not mind-based, such as:

    • Mechanical devices
    • Pills
    • Alcoholic drinks
    • Breathing methods that make one sound like a robot
    • Elongation of words that drive listeners away
    • SAA is NOT a place to challenge the reality of self-cures, but, rather, to learn how PWSCs self-cured.

SAA is NOT a place to complain about the problems that stuttering creates.

SAA is not a social hangout. Facebook and many blogs serve those purposes admirably. SAA is not such a place.

“SAA does NOT debate whether there is or is not a cure. SAA’s Coaches are living proof that there IS a cure. They are here to help others self-cure. SAA’s Coaches are NOT debaters. They simply wish to help others self-cure. If you do not believe that a cure is possible, SAA is NOT the place for you. There are many online forums where you can air your views. SAA is not that place.

“SAA’s Coaches do not debate the many varied therapies. There well may be (and SAA hopes that there are) other therapies that work and will lead to self-cures. SAA’s Coaches are NOT doctors or speech therapists of any kind. Like the ex-alcoholics who help alcoholics every day at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings around the world, SAA’s Coaches, rather, are simply PWS who have self-cured their stuttering to the point that strangers no longer identify them as stutterers, and they want to share their methods with you at no cost to you. SAA’s Coaches will make no attempt to prove to you or to anyone that SAA’s Coaches are “right” or “have the only answer”. They only explain how they self-cured. If you wish to debate therapies, SAA is NOT the place for you. There are many forums online where you can engage in those debates to your heart’s content.

What Then Is SAA?

    • A place to work on mind-based self-cures
    • A place to learn to apply the methods in Lee’s book
    • A place to heal the “the whole person”
    • A place to help PWS take back their lives
    • A place to help PWS convert stuttering into a blessing
    • A place to read about self-cures
    • A place to ask questions of PWSCs
    • A place to find methods and coaches to help you self-cure