What is WSSA?

World Stop Stuttering Association (WSSA), speechanxiety.com, a Delaware corporation, is “a Company with a Cause”. WSSA is comprised of ex-stutterers and others who believe in Lee’s methods, who have embraced Lee’s dream and made it WSSA’s Cause, which is as follows::

Eliminate stuttering and all forms of speech anxiety
from the planet and do so at the least possible cost to PWS.

To achieve that goal, WSSA obtained a license from Lee to present Lee’s methods methods worldwide in many different forms, including Lee’s books, video courses on each book, blogs, a video library of coaching sessions, a speech club especially aimed at speech anxiety-sufferers, and even some one-on-one coaching, for free and/or at a small fraction of the cost of traditional speech therapies.

As such, those who seek help to stop stuttering or those who simply wish to teach themselves to enjoy speaking in all venues, the place to go is to WSSA.

While many forms of therapies have proven helpful, there is a widely held misconception which holds that that stuttering “is an incurable disease”. SAA’s Founders and those listed among SAA’s Success Stories have proved, and continue to prove every month with new Success Stories, that people can stop stuttering and become fluent to all appearances (typically in a few months); and, additionally, over a longer period, stop thinking about their speech entirely. While other methods may work (and SAA hopes that they do), SAA relies upon the methods that it knows work – namely, those set forth in Lee Lovett’s book (Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, What 1,000+ Stutterers Taught Me, 3rd Edition, which is included with a lecture-course by Lee from WSSA. It is also available on Amazon. Both offer it in a number of languages).