SAA in a Nutshell

What and Who Is SAA?
SAA’s Goals for YOU
How You Achieve Those Goals
Optional Real-Time Coaching
How SAA Operates
What Has SAA Achieved to Date?

What and Who Is SAA?

SAA is an organization, with offices in Bermuda, that was formed by a group of PWS who eliminated virtually all outward signs of stuttering or other speech anxieties (PWSS), who banded together to help others overcome speech anxieties (as manifested by stuttering, blocking, etc., or simply by silence in pressured situations).  See Success Stories for details.

SAA has modeled itself after Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which was formed in the U.S. in the 1930’s by alcoholics who had trained themselves not to drink alcohol.  No doctor or substance-abuse professional can hope to understand the depths of alcohol as does an alcoholic. So, AA was created for purpose of providing counseling by ex-alcoholics to alcoholics. AA holds DAILY meetings in every country of any size throughout the world, and tens of millions of alcoholics attend those meetings daily, and hear other alcoholics explain how they manage their alcoholism, or their progress in doing so, and these ex-alcoholics counsel others at these meetings and make themselves available (between daily meetings) for phone, Skype and other forms of contact by sufferers. In the process, AA has proven to be an instrument for good of divine proportions.

SAA now seeks to emulate AA’s so admirable example by offering a place where those who have overcome their speech disabilities can provide counseling to those who have not.  SAA supports the work of professional speech therapists, and SAA’s counseling is not necessarily a substitute for therapy by a professional speech therapist, any more than AA is a substitute for the assistance of medical professionals.  The two are NOT mutually exclusive.  As AA now aids tens of millions of alcoholics every day of every year, SAA dares to hope that, someday, it can aid hundreds, thousands or even millions of PWS around the world.

As Confucius said, “The longest journey begins with the first step,” and that is, of course, where SAA must begin. As of May 2018, SAA has posted about two dozen Success Stories and is counseling about 40 PWS weekly in Skype sessions plus some dozens of others via emails, but it is a start, however humble.  As the actor James Dean once said, “Live as if you’ll die tomorrow, but dream as if you’ll live forever.”  SAA is comprised of those who have big hopes and Gothic-Sized dreams of ways to help many PWS self-cure, but, if SAA can only help ONE more PWS eliminate speech anxiety, SAA’s efforts will not have gone in vain!  As said the philosopher-poet, Alexander Pope, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” In that spirit, we must try; we must do our best FOR ALL!

SAA’s Goals for You

  1. Pass SAA’s Stopped Stuttering Test (SST):  Stuttering Not Detectable by Strangers (in 10-12 Skype sessions)
  2. Become among the best speakers in your peer group (target 1 year after SST)
  3. You help at least one PWS pass the SST (target 1 year after 2
  4. You can say, “Stuttering was the greatest blessing of my life” (target 1 year after 3)

How You Achieve Those Goals

The 3rd Edition of Lee’s book, “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, What 1,000+ Stutterers Taught Me”, contains almost 600 page of methods and explanations that cannot fairly be summarized here, but, to oversimplify them, they are broken into SAA’s “three-legged stool”:

  1. Reading aloud typically an hour a day – to replace Stuttering Memories (SMs) with Fluency Memories (FMs) and to teach yourself to think message NOT words and to make a habit of concentrating on speaking with passion
  2. Auto Suggestions/Self-Hypnosis, three 20-minute sessions daily – to train your mind to think what you want it to think about your speech — and your life.
  3. Use Crutches – to minimize creation of SMs during the healing process and to prevent relapses.

Optional Real-Time Coaching

SAA’s “coaches” are NOT trained in speech-therapy or medicine; they are PWS who have reduced their stuttering to a non-detectable level (and they call themselves “PWSS”, people who stopped stuttering, or “PWMS”, people who manage stuttering) of varied cultures and from all over the world. SAA can NOT guarantee to provide a coach for every PWS, but SAA hopes to do so, and, so far, no PWS has been denied coaching. SAA’s Coaches make their time available at no charge to any PWS.  SAA tries to match PWS with a Coach as close geographically and culturally as is possible. Initially, SAA recommends a weekly one-hour Skype session. SAA expects noticeable progress by the PWS every week. If none is made, the Coach may ask to have a different Coach assigned to that PWS. After 8-12 Skype sessions, SAA expects the PWS to be able to pass SAA’s Self-Cure Teset. If this isn’t achieved, SAA may change Coaches yet again. Skype sessions can then be reduced progressively to bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and then discontinued, as the PWS wishes. Goals 2, 3, and 4 typically take considerably longer, as noted above, but can be achieved, in many cases, without continued Coaching. In summary, SAA Coaches are available as an option to PWS at no cost. In most cases, SAA believes that coaching will help the PWS apply SAA’s methods and regimes more successfully and faster. SAA Founders find that their own speech improves by coaching other PWS, and that complete self-healing is elevated by helping others.

How SAA Operates?

SAA is fledgling organization literally having just been formed by a handful of people who have stopped stuttering (PWSS). (Their “stories” either are, or soon will be, summarized on SAA’s website.)  SAA’s website and other costs are funded entirely by its Founder. SAA has NOT yet registered as a charitable organization, and it will NOT accept donations from any non-founder.  In addition to being funded by its Founders, SAA is managed by its Founder. Lee G. Lovett, the author of “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures: What 1000+ PWS Taught Me” (on Amazon), was the first Founder and serves as Chairman of SAA at this time. SAA’s Founders “meet” on Skype, as needed, to exchange ideas and fix policies, primarily about Coaching and ways to improve their free services to PWS.

What SAA Has Achieved to Date

SAA’s young “history” is nothing more than the efforts of its Founder, individually, plus those Success Stories of others as posted on this site.  Other PWS have written that they have stopped stuttering by simply reading and applying the methods in Lee’s book, but SAA has no way of validating them.  As SAA was  formed in spring 2017, to date,  SAA’s Chairman has been the primary coach Skyping with readers.  Other Founders are beginning to coach now (in 2019). As SAA’s website and free services become known, SAA hopes that the demand for SAA Coaches will grow substantially. Every PWS, who self-cures via SAA, is a potential Coach. SAA is now drafting manuals for its Coaches.  SAA’s Chairman, Lee Lovett, on April 1, 2018, launched “The Game of Tongues” on,, and shortly thereafter put his “Game of Tongues” on YouTube, which he operates independent of SAA, where he daily coaches PWS (and invites other SAA Coaches to join him from time to time), in real time; at that site, there are also many videos of past broadcasts.