SAA in a Nutshell

What and Who Is SAA?
SAA’s Goals for YOU
How You Achieve Those Goals
Optional Real-Time Coaching
How SAA Operates
What Has SAA Achieved to Date?

What and Who Is SAA?

SAA is an organization, with offices in Bermuda, that was formed by Lee Lovett and a group of PWS who eliminated virtually all outward signs of stuttering or other speech anxieties (PWSS), who banded together to help others overcome speech anxieties (as manifested by stuttering, blocking, etc., or simply by silence in pressured situations).  See Success Stories for details.  SAA is now working with Speech Anxiety Cures to accomplish these goals.

SAA has modeled itself after Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which was formed in the U.S. in the 1930’s by alcoholics who had trained themselves not to drink alcohol.  No doctor or substance-abuse professional can hope to understand the depths of alcohol as does an alcoholic. So, AA was created for purpose of providing counseling by ex-alcoholics to alcoholics. AA holds DAILY meetings in every country of any size throughout the world, and tens of millions of alcoholics attend those meetings daily, and hear other alcoholics explain how they manage their alcoholism, or their progress in doing so, and these ex-alcoholics counsel others at these meetings and make themselves available (between daily meetings) for phone, Skype and other forms of contact by sufferers. In the process, AA has proven to be an instrument for good of divine proportions.

SAA now seeks to emulate AA’s so admirable example by offering a place where those who have overcome their speech disabilities can provide counseling to those who have not.  SAA supports the work of professional speech therapists, and SAA’s counseling is not necessarily a substitute for therapy by a professional speech therapist, any more than AA is a substitute for the assistance of medical professionals.  The two are NOT mutually exclusive.  As AA now aids tens of millions of alcoholics every day of every year, SAA dares to hope that, someday, it can aid hundreds, thousands or even millions of PWS around the world.

As Confucius said, “The longest journey begins with the first step,” and that is, of course, where SAA must begin. As of May 2018, SAA has posted about two dozen Success Stories and is counseling about 40 PWS weekly in Skype sessions plus some dozens of others via emails, but it is a start, however humble.  As the actor James Dean once said, “Live as if you’ll die tomorrow, but dream as if you’ll live forever.”  SAA is comprised of those who have big hopes and Gothic-Sized dreams of ways to help many PWS self-cure, but, if SAA can only help ONE more PWS eliminate speech anxiety, SAA’s efforts will not have gone in vain!  As said the philosopher-poet, Alexander Pope, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” In that spirit, we must try; we must do our best FOR ALL!

SAA’s Goals for You

  1. Stop stuttering – eliminate the appearance of a speech disability
  2. Teach yourself to love to speak in all situations
  3. Adopt a life-regimen of daily mind-training
  4. Convert stuttering into a blessing by improving yourself

How You Achieve Those Goals

SAA is now working hand-in-hand with Speech Anxiety Cures (SAC, which now offers a greatly expanded program of Lee’s methods, including four books and over 50 lectures by Lee on his methods.  SAC also has a staff of people who stopped stuttering (PWSS) who are helping PWS. SAC’s program is extensive and it costs a small fraction of traditional therapies. Unlike SAA, SAC has the resources and people to provide help that you need to overcome all forms of speech anxiety.

The 3rd Edition of Lee’s book, “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, What 1,000+ Stutterers Taught Me”, contains almost 600 page of methods and explanations that cannot fairly be summarized here, but, to oversimplify them, they are broken into SAA’s “three-legged stool”:

  1. Reading aloud typically an hour a day – to replace Stuttering Memories (SMs) with Fluency Memories (FMs) and to teach yourself to think message NOT words and to make a habit of concentrating on speaking with passion
  2. Auto Suggestions/Self-Hypnosis, three 20-minute sessions daily – to train your mind to think what you want it to think about your speech — and your life.
  3. Crutches – to minimize creation of SMs during the healing process and to prevent relapses.


Originally, SAA hoped to create a veritable army of PWSS, who would join Lee in providing free coaching to speech sufferers.  After pursuing this dream for four years (2016-2019), Lee realized that his PWSS were, generally, between the ages of 17 and 40, and the laws of economics did not allow them to spend any significant amount of time coaching for free – although  many of them wanted to do so; they just couldn’t do it, not on a sustained, predictable basis. Lee had to find other ways to create “an army of PWSS coaches” to help PWS. Coaching by PWSS is now being offered by Speech Anxiety Cures.

What SAA Has Achieved to Date

Lee has coached some 4,000 sessions for free with PWS, 2016-2019.  This has resulted in a steady flow of Success Stories, posting one or more ever month.  Lee estimates that some 200 have stopped their stuttering and roughly half of same had posted Success Stories on SAA by April 2019.  While several other PWS have helped with some coaching, they haven’t been able to coach consistently or long term. 

At the request of PWS, Lee began videoing some of his coaching sessions in 2018 and has posted some 1,000 coaching videos — initially on his channel and then on his YouTube Channel.  Those videos had been viewed over 50,000 times by late 2019. These videos require management, logging, editing, etc. that Lee cannot do. So, he turned this video library over to Speech Anxiety Cures, where they will be available to SAC’s subscribers. These videos include “Success Videos”, where people who stopped stuttering (PWSS) explain how they used The Lovett Method to overcome stuttering.

When Speech Anxiety Cures was created by others who offered the staff, funding and knowledge to continue and expand Lee’s work, Lee licensed his methods to SAC.  

Lee intends to continue to his free-coaching as long as he can.  He will also do all in his power to help SAC spread his methods worldwide at the lowest costs possible.