Tom, The Netherlands

I am at my late 30’s and stutter since I am at kindergarten. It just happened to me; one day I came home from school and was stuttering.  As I stuttered for many years, I have developed my own techniques mostly to hide it. At school especially during the reading classes I sat always at the back of the classroom, hoping that it will not be my turn before the bell rings.  I was writing each minute like a countdown in my notebooks till the lesson finishes. I spent years asking myself why I stutter and I was so ashamed to talk about it with anyone, even to follow a therapy or buy a book about it.

I wasn’t even aware that there were books about stuttering till the day I saw Mr. Lovett’s book on internet. I purchased it and read it in about 5 days.  I was amazed how it was written, I enjoyed each chapter and they all made a lot sense to me. While I was reading the second time, I decided to contact Lee to start the Skype sessions. He is really taking the time to explain each crutch and the examples he gives during the Skype sessions really stick on your mind.  I started to do auto-suggestions (a name for mind training) 3 times a day and it immediately started to make a huge difference. I bought a tally counter to count my auto-suggestions. I have even recorded my voice reading them and listened while I was sleeping. They have help a lot increasing my fluency memories.

I have much more self-confidence now with my speech and for more than a month I don’t have a negative incident.  The fear I have about stuttering is decreasing each day thanks to Mr. Lovett, his book and his methods. I really appreciate how he is helping people and the impact is not comparable to any therapy.  Now I have read his book almost 10 times.  I love it. I still find it very interesting and effective, as I learn new things every time I read it.  

I plan to join a Toastmasters group now and work on public speaking.  I will teach myself to love to speak in all situations, which is the second goal of Mr. Lovett’s program.  There is no way to thank Mr. Lovett enough for what he is doing. I and many others have proved his methods work. Stuttering and its fears CAN be beaten!  I now enjoy speaking at each opportunity.

P.S. In December 2019, Tom added this:  Dear Lee, I am just writing this email to thank you, Lee, for everything you have done to me.  I have never thought that I would be this fluent since I started to stutter when I was 5. You really changed my life and I am so grateful to you. You made me another person, who is happier and now I have a different way to look at the things and also the life.  I never had a bad incident for a year, I now dare to speak whenever I want. Sometimes I feel like I would stutter but I don’t because I know now how to handle these situations thanks to the crutches you thought me.  I really love to speak, interact with people and I create every opportunity to keep on practicing.  I am very very close to say that “Stuttering is one of the best thing happened to me”.  Thank you and I truly mean, thank you,  Kind Regards.

                                                            TOM, The Netherlands, June 2019 / December 2019

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