Oumaima, Morocco

My name is Oumaima; I am 24. I live in Morocco, and Arabic is my first language. I am in my sixth year of medical school. I began stuttering at age six, and it was pretty severe, even 100% under pressure. I have had various therapies, mainly related to breathing, but they weren’t much help. The first one, I was 13 : the therapist told me there is no cure and started teaching me hand and feet technique and how to not stutter while moving. Which was not helpful at all. Second therapy , I started it two years ago , it’s an on and off therapy . I began October 2015 then stopped january 2016 then retook it September 2016, stopped November 2016. And then restarted it again doing 13 more sessions. Essentially, it taught me breathing methods that I no longer use.
Lee and I met on Facebook and I read Lee’s book, Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, and it did help but not enough by itself. So, I began Skyping with him in September 2017. Skyping helped me understand the Crutches better, and I began using them. At first, when I used them, they worked, but sometimes I panicked and stuttered anyway. We kept Skyping and drilling the Crutches; after each Skype, I did better. By January 2018, we had Skyped about twelve times, and I can honestly say that I no longer stutter; in fact, I rarely think about stuttering, and I have VERY few fears of it, and when I have a fear, I just think thoughts (or “ideas” as Lee says) and my mind changes its focus away from fear, and I can talk. I avoid saying words that I think about in advance. I concentrate on ideas and being expressive. I haven’t had an embarrassing speech incident in over two months. You could do it too. Why don’t you?

Oumaima from Morocco, March 2018


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