Neal, Texas

I started stuttering when I was 12. I called it medium to severe, depending on the amount of pressure. My name is Neal. I’m 20, and I live in Texas. I found Lee’s book on Amazon, and it helped me right away. I reduced my stuttering by 20% or so from the first read. As I kept studying it, the percentage escalated. I began doing auto suggestion treatments before bed and on arising, and I read aloud a good hour a day, and I began using the Crutches.

A month or so later, I began Skyping with Lee. I also read Powers’ book and began giving myself self-hypnosis treatments. After a few Skypes. It has now been over two months since I had a bad incident. You can hear me talk here: My message to stutterers is this: Get Lee’s book and master it. His methods work.

Neal, Texas, November 2018

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