Lynn, Florida

My name is Lynn, and I live in Florida.  I have stuttered since I was 5 years old.  Various speech therapies given by speech pathologists over the years have been of limited help.  Due to avoidance of stressful speaking situations I have largely been a covert stutterer; that is, most people don’t know that I stutter. I stuttered rarely in one-on-one situations and over the phone (except for the occasional “feared word”) but I couldn’t do public speaking of any kind without relying on anxiety meds.  

Then I found Lee’s book.  I purchased the audio book, too. With the help of Lee’s books and his YouTube videos, I am doing public speaking frequently, and I don’t need the anxiety meds anymore although B-complex vitamins and natural supplements still help.

I listen to at least a bit of Lee’s audio book or YouTube videos each day. I also purchased two books recommended by Lee: Norman Doidge “The Brain that Changes Itself” and Emile Coue’s “Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion” both as audio books. 

In the past month, I’ve given a presentation at a national conference, in front of a board of elected officials (televised), and several committee presentations, some numbering 20+ attendees.  People usually come up to me after these presentations and congratulate me! Imagine that!

Next year, I am scheduled to do a webinar for a national organization. I submitted a proposal to speak at another national conference, to be held at the state’s largest convention center.  I now volunteer to speak at conferences whereas I used to avoid all public speaking. I have less public speaking anxiety than a so-called normal speaker!

I practice what I call “Lovett Language”, which is reading aloud, dropping the first letter of all problem consonants. If I experienced a stuttering block, usually just an avoidance, on a word while in a speaking situation, I target that word and similar words with Lovett Language.  It works. I practice my presentations in song: I put the words to a random melody. It’s fun and it helps, such as Lee’s WORDS book on Amazon. Vocabulary building also helps as does enthusiasm! And I read books on self-development and public speaking in general. Keeping a journal of successes and major milestones has been invaluable.

I once felt discouraged about using Lee’s Crutches, as I mistakenly felt it was admitting defeat. Lee has changed my thinking on that.  Lee’s right. Speech is either “pass” or “fail”, and the audience never knows the difference, only we-PWS know. All the while I’m using the Crutches, I’m building up my muscle memory bank with positive speech experiences and memories. 

God bless Lee and his wonderful charity, Speech Anxiety Anonymous.  They are helping so many! 

Yes, it takes hard work to reshape one’s way of thinking, but what’s the alternative? I am now in my 60s. I have spent all my life suffering from a speech disability. Now I no longer suffer; instead I manage my speech using Lee’s wonderful Crutches which, when practiced sufficiently, help me to succeed in stressful speaking situations.  I hope that my story will inspire you and many more to take learn and use “Lovett Language”.

LYNN, Florida, December 2019


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