Larry, United Kingdom

My name is Larry, and I work in IT in the U.K.  I started stuttering at age 10; that was 23 years ago.  My stuttering has ranged from medium to severe, even to 100%, with silent, prolonged blocks, sometimes lasting ten seconds or more.  This sometimes caused erratic eye movements and made me avoid eye contract. I had a two-week therapy course at age 15 but it didn’t solve the problem.  

I got Lee’s book in early 2019, and it helped a lot.  I then Skyped with him a handful of times, and the methods took.  Within a couple of months, I stopped having “bad incidents” (appearing speech disabled).  I found that the Crutches by themselves enabled me to avoid stuttering or blocking or having odd eye movements.  I was soon able to do worry free standups. That was over two months ago.  

What I want to say to fellow stutterers is that Lee’s methods work.  They have changed my life, and I’ll bet that they can change yours, too.  Lee says that I should keep Skyping until I can say that I love to speak anywhere anytime and also that stuttering was blessing in my life.  I may do that too.  

LARRY, U.K., July 2019

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