Konstanin, Russia-New York

My name is Konstantin; I’m 21 and I used to stutter. My English is still a work in progress, but I wrote every word below myself.

I was born in Russia and came to the United States when I was twelve years old. I started stuttering about a year after I came to the United States. I started stuttering in school and stuttered for about seven years after my first incident. Stuttering had made my life very difficult; I was depressed and anxious because of it. 

After struggling with stuttering for such a long time, and after a few failed speech lessons , I picked up Lee’s book on Amazon, and it changed my life. By using the methods in Lee’s books for several months, I was able to stop stuttering. The crutches, auto suggestions, and reading aloud have helped me tremendously, and I Skyped with Lee off and on for six months or so. I couldn’t be happier with my speech and myself for working so hard to improve my speech. 

Stuttering has made a much stronger person, as now that I beat stuttering, I know that I can achieve any goal I set for myself. Stuttering has also made me a much better person as now I know that every person in the world is going through something, and I try to be as nice and helpful as I can be to every person I meet. 

Stuttering has been a blessing in many ways, and if you follow the methods’ in Lee’s book, stuttering can become a blessing for you too.

KONSTANTIN, New York (Russia), August 2019


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