John, Houston, Texas

I’m 15 years old now.  My name is John, and I live in Houston, Texas.  I was six when I started stuttering, and it gradually ballooned up to 90% of my words.  Of course, it hurt me most in school.  Sometimes I couldn’t say much of anything, and it was grossly embarrassing.  Sometimes, I thought that it would never stop.  I wanted to stop it big time.

My mom found Coach Lee’s book, “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures”.   She read it and I read it too.  We read the 2nd and the 3rd Editions, and the 3rd is by far the best.  I began trying the methods and they helped a lot.  My mom and I discussed Coach Lee’s methods a bunch.  So, we emailed Coach Lee and started Skyping with him.  I was 14 then.   Every session helped.  

I also did a lot of reading aloud and I did my auto suggestions at least once a day.  Best of all, I worked on the Crutches.  Crutch 1, dropping the first letter or syllable, has helped a ton.  So has crutch 10, word linkage.  Surprisingly, the sleeper crutch has been 12, smiling.  It’s amazing what a difference that has made.  Of course, you have to practice them a lot and try to use them ALL the time.  That’s the key, using them all the time.  

Since it’s been over a month since I had a incident where I appeared to be speech disabled, I prepared to post this success story.  I’m not 100% finished working on my speech.  I want to teach myself to love to speak in all situations.  To help that along, I joined the Debate Team in school, and I’ve done well there, and I am joining Speech Anxiety Cures “SpeechMasters Club”.  I’m going to keep expanding my speech comfort zones until they have no boundaries.

I want to say thank you to Coach Lee for an incredible book and for giving us so many hours of his time, which he’s still doing.  I know that I’m going to become a really good speaker because of this.  I used to think that my stuttering would never end, but now I know different.  You can probably do it too.

JOHN, Houston, Texas, June 2020


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