Jimmy, Germany

My friends call me Jimmy.  I’m 25 and I live in Germany.  I just finished medical school.  I started stuttering when I was five.  I tended to repeat words, especially first syllables, and I also did some blocking.  I did some therapy, desensitivity training, but it didn’t take. I found Lee’s book on Amazon and studied it and I discovered new paths in my life.  It helped a lot and then I Skyped with Lee several times. I began using Crutches 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 and 10, and they began working great. It seemed like a dream come true.  I just stopped stuttering, just like that.   That was several months ago.  These methods work. After reading Lee’s book I discovered new paths in my life.  I hope to be able to say stuttering is a blessing in my life. I can only wish Lee and SAA the best.  They are doing so much good. Bless them for all their charitable help to PWS!

Jimmy, Germany, March 2019

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