Div, Melbourne, Australia

Lee enabled me to accomplish something that was very important to me – pass a difficult verbal English competency test and I want others to know how much his methods help speech.  

They call me “Div”.  I’m 25 and live in Melbourne, Australia.  My first language is Gujarati, a Hindi dialect.  I have been stuttering since I was 8. My stuttering has always been just enough to mess me up at critical times.  The pressure comes and goes. It drives me nuts. I was trying to move to Canada for better job opportunities, but I had to pass an English competency test to qualify.  I kept taking the test and failing it, because I stuttered. So, I searched online and found Lee’s book and read it. It was a revelation to me. The book alone improved my speech a lot, but I saw his email in his book and emailed him, and he replied.  I was stunned. I then began Skyping with him last summer. I did about seven Skypes with him and they helped so much.

My main problem had been the first feared words, and we worked on hard on those on Skypes.  I practiced using those crutches. I took the English test again and failed it again, but I kept practicing.  The next time I took the test, I passed it. I haven’t gotten over the fears of it, but I don’t have appear disabled anymore, and people don’t think of me as a stutterer.  I can’t thank Lee enough for his book and his coaching.

If you want to hear me talk, here’s a link to one of my Skypes with Lee.  I chose this one, because he gives me tips on how to avoid stutters IN THE INTERVIEW.  He had me write tips on my hand, and helped me learn to use the crutches and it helped so much.  This link is to a 35 minute session. About 15 minutes into it, we talk about doing the specific interview, and it worked.  So, here’s the link  

My advice to stutterers is that you CAN beat it.  There’s no point to keep stuttering. Get Lee’s book and master it and you too can get over stuttering. Good luck.

DIV, Melbourne, Australia, April 2019


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