Dev, Mumbai

I am Dev, and I am from India.  Hindi is my first language. I had been stuttering badly since I was five.  I was ridiculed and humiliated in school many times. I found Coach Lee’s book on Amazon in 2017; I was 18 then.  His book made so much sense to me. My problem had been mainly with strangers and authority figures and in school, especially with classroom presentations.  When I entered law school, it got even worse. I finally emailed Coach Lee and asked to Skype. We drilled the crutches a lot. Coach Lee’s methods have saved me.   I quit Skyping with him nine months ago now, and my speech has been so good all this time, even in law school where I do moot court presentations,, now fluently. I was never able to even get on Amazon and post a book review, but I can’t thank Coach Lee enough for his great book and his time.  It has changed my life for the better forever.

Dev, Mumbai, October 2019


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