Apoorv, India

I am Apoorv.  I’m 30 and live in India.  Hindi is my first language.  I have a Masters in Chemical Enginering.  I began stuttering at age 8 and until I began using Lee Lovett’s methods, I was stuttering around one-third of my words.  I also avoided looking in people’s eyes, as it increased my stuttering.  As a result, I had constant negative thoughts and depressing mental images of stuttering.  I had many sessions of therapy in India.  These focused on breathing and didn’t help.  My biggest problem was first feared words, and breathing didn’t help with them.

Last spring, I found Lee’s book.  I read the 2nd Edition, and it helped a great deal.  I then read the 3rd Edition and it was many times better.  My stuttering decreased 30% or so just from reading his books.  In his book, he invites readers to email him.  So, I did.  To my surprise, he replied and we began Skyping.  He urged me to memorize the Crutches.  I found Crutch 4 (inserting a word or sound and jamming the feared word into them) and Crutch 9 (extreme pronunciation) the most helpful.  After about six Skype, I had stopped stuttering; that is, I hadn’t had a “bad incident” (appearing speech disabled)  in over a month.  That was probably six months ago.

My fears of stuttering haven’t died completely yet, but they are much less.  The main point to me is that I know Lee’s Crutches well enough to avoid appearing to be a stutterer.  Lee still urges me to “stay on the program”, by which he means to keep reading aloud daily and doing my daily mind-training treatments and using the Crutches, when needed, to avoid having a bad incident.

I want to teach myself to love to speak in all venues, and I haven’t done that yet.  I plan to participate in Lee’s online SpeechMasters Club ( and work on that.  Lee says that I should also just push myself to talk 10% more under pressure than I’m comfortable doing; then, after a while, I’ll expand my comfort zone to the maximum.

I can’t tell you how much Lee’s book and his coaching helped me.  I never thought that I could stop stuttering, but I did.  Lee coached me for free as well.  I can never thank him enough.   I’m not the only one.  If you go to Lee’s Speech  Anxiety Anonymous (, there are around 100 Success Stories like this to read.  They are compelling and prove over and over that his methods work.

Just this month, Lee licensed his methods to a company (Speech Anxiety Cures or SAC), which is staffed with ex-stutterers who beat it using his methods, and that company has developed a whole program of courses, blogs, forums, videos, etc., all to make his methods easier to understand and apply (  If you stutter or resist speaking, just know that you can beat it.  Lee’s methods work, and he is even still coaching for free as I write.  It’s time to push stuttering off the planet. Lee and SAC call it their “Cause”.  What a great idea.  Let’s do it.  

Apoorv, India, May 2020

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