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Hello Everyone. I am Amit Sahoo (INDIA), a stutterer.  I am 25. I made my speech fluent by using breathing and jaw-tongue techniques, but those methods were tiring and mechanical.  I discovered the book. Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, by Lee Lovett Sir and its methods and Skyped with him, and this has made it much easier for me to speak without stuttering and without sounding mechanical.  I am now able to use Lee’s methods and am living my life as i always dreamed.

Basically i am a computer engineer by qualification and for a living i work for myself, which means i am self employed. My story is bit different, before taking Lee Lovett Therapy, i already had overcome my stutter through my hard work of 4 years but I wanted to learn, use and apply his more natural approach into my speech pattern. I also run a not-for-profit speech charity in India, named as International Foundation for Speech and Happiness (IFSAH) where i along with few of my students teach stammerers to overcome their speech problem through our own techniques but we now add Mr. Lovett’s methods, which are easier to use and sound more natural.  So it was a great opportunity for me to learn from Mr. Lovett, so that we can help more people here in India.

When I used to stutter in my school days, it was a hell for me. Most the time i was unable to even utter a single sound from my mouth.  I used to stutter so bad that i was sure that i will turn into a loser all my life. I did take lots of therapy here in India, but nothing was working for me. Then i decided that i should do something for my speech otherwise my life could turn into a darkness. So i self cured myself by using natural breathing (nose) and jaw techniques, and realized that a stutterer can have 6 major problem area :  Breath, Psychological, Tongue, Lips, Jaw and Vocal. I created my own techniques taking into consideration the stress in these body organs and started to help people through our foundation.  Mr. Lovett’s methods focus on re-programming the mind, and do not require any manipulation of breathing, the tongue, lips, jaw or anything like that. His methods are mental and not mechanical and so very natural.

When i came to know about Lee Lovett Sir, we started video sessions in early 2018. I was really interested to know about his crutches and techniques which i wanted to use in my speech. As breathing was working for me for sure, but i wanted to control it in my mind itself. It was a new chapter in my life, i learned a lot from him.  Auto Suggestion is very useful for me as it keeps me motivated all day. His 12 Crutches, like droping the first letter or syllable of words, also helped me. After doing video sessions with him for several months, i could realize how much deep knowledge he has about the stuttering subject, as i am stuttering coach myself. I am and will keep using his methods in my speech and will also apply these approaches in our therapy, which in turn will help people here in India.  

At last i am very inspired through his unconditional devotion to the community and helping people to achieving their dream IN GETTING CURED FROM STUTTERING and he does this at no charge to anyone. I personally thank him for sharing his knowledge, which we are now using in serving more people here in India. As today i also join his India Chapter as a speech coach, so i will work for both SPEECH ANXIETY ANONYMOUS and IFSAH Foundation.  

The big message that I have is that stuttering can be stopped.  These methods work, and I no longer need to use my earlier mechanical methods.  If you want to hear me talk, go here:  The big point is that there is no reason to continue stuttering.  

AMIT, India, July 2018 

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