Speech Anxiety Anonymous (SAA) is an educational organization that was founded in 2017 by a handful of people who stopped stuttering  (PWSS), by using the methods explained in “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures”, the Amazon-book by Lee G. Lovett.  Lee published that book in 2016, the 2nd Edition in 2017, and the almost 600-page 3rd Edition in 2019 (which is now available in several languages).  Lee was found by some 5,000 people who stutter or suffer other forms of speech anxiety (PWS) from five continents, and he communicates with 1,000+ of them via email, Skype, Messenger, Twitter, etc., and he Skype-coaches 20-40 PWS a week.  90% (of those who have used those methods and who received Skype-coaching, no charge) have stopped stuttering in several months on average. See Success Stories for details.  These people who stopped stuttering (PWSS) decided to form SAA and offer free coaching to PWS, and, as others eliminate their speech disabilities, add those willing as Coaches to help yet other PWS, at no charge.

SAA’s Advisory Board

Founders of SAA:

  • Lee G. Lovett, Initial Founder & Chairperson
  • Josh Zello, Chairperson, Texas Chapter
  • Zhenhua “Johnson” Sun, Chairperson, Chinese Chapter
  • Jason Ewing, Chairperson, Kentucky Chapter
  • Ricky Singh, Chairperson, New Delhi Chapter
  • Gopes Niraula, Chairperson, Nepal Chapter
  • Prathusha Ravi, Chairperson, Mumbai Chapter
  • Matthew OMalley, Chairperson, Florida Chapter
    (Co-Founder, Facebook’s Stuttering Community)

Advisory Board includes: All Founders and All Coaches plus:

  • Paul Brocklehurst, Ph.D., Experimental Psychologist, Speech Researcher, Author
  • Rob Lunan, Certified Hypnotist
  • Richard Parent, Translator
  • Ruth Mead, author of Speech Is a River

Coaches of SAA: SAA’s Coaches are shown on the Home Page and their battles with stuttering are delineated in “Case Histories.” Includes all Founders.

Technical Team: Taylor Lovett, Website Creator/Manager; Richard Hawke, OBS-YouTube Advisor;  David Blacquier, PC Hardware/Software;  Pat Caton, Apple Device/Software Manager; and Christian Bernard, Internet Communications.

Translators: Chinese: Zhenhua “Johnson” Sun; Hindi: Ankit Singh; French: Richard Parent; Spanish: Javier Valcazar Cortazar; Arabic: Oussama Hamdouni