Lee Lovett created Speech Anxiety Anonymous (SAA), his name for a self-help organization that was founded in 2017 by him and a handful of people who stopped stuttering  (PWSS), by using the methods explained in “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures”, the Amazon-book by Lee G. Lovett.  Lee published that book in 2016, the 2nd Edition in 2017, and the almost 600-page 3rd Edition in 2019 (which is now available in several languages).  SAA, now in concert with SAC, hopes to spread the good news:  Stuttering and speech anxiety can be stopped.

SAA’s Advisory Board

Founders of SAA:

  • Lee G. Lovett, Initial Founder & Chairperson
  • Josh Zello, Chairperson, Texas Chapter
  • Zhenhua “Johnson” Sun, Chairperson, Chinese Chapter
  • Jason Ewing, Chairperson, Kentucky Chapter
  • Ricky Singh, Chairperson, New Delhi Chapter
  • Gopes Niraula, Chairperson, Nepal Chapter
  • Prathusha Ravi, Chairperson, Mumbai Chapter
  • Matthew OMalley, Chairperson, Florida Chapter
    (Co-Creator, Facebook’s Stuttering Community)

Advisory Board includes: All Founders and All Coaches plus:

  • Paul Brocklehurst, Ph.D., Experimental Psychologist, Speech Researcher, Author
  • Rob Lunan, Certified Hypnotist
  • Richard Parent, Translator
  • Ruth Mead, author of Speech Is a River

Technical Team: Taylor Lovett, Website Creator/Manager; Richard Hawke, OBS-YouTube Advisor;  David Blacquier, PC Hardware/Software;  Pat Caton, Apple Device/Software Manager; and Christian Bernard, Internet Communications.

Translators: Chinese: Zhenhua “Johnson” Sun; Hindi: Ankit Singh; French: Richard Parent; Spanish: Javier Valcazar Cortazar; Arabic: Oussama Hamdouni