Hope is a very powerful strength. It pushes you to accept the toughest challenges and to believe that even the most difficult obstacles can be overtaken. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the adequate tools this hope can be very dangerous too. Constant failures are painful and can lead to resignation. This was my situation after stuttering since age 5 and having tried many therapies without a consistent long-term success. This is why believing that you can beat it is as important as having the tools to make that change happen. I can assure you that The Lovett Method provides you both things.

Since I began to read his book in mid-2019 I realised the clarity of the message and the strength of his method. It combines the importance of using techniques to fight any stutter impulse (Crutches) with mind training (Auto-Suggestions) to avoid blockings and to create a fluency habit. Coach Lee has been so generous to give me several monthly sessions through Skype in which I have been able to practice what he preaches in his book. Immediately, my speech began to improve. And it has not stopped ever since. I am eternally grateful for this. By the end of 2019 I also started receiving help from Javier Valcázar, another ex-stutterer, and now a Certified Coach of Speech Anxiety Cures. Being able to practice the techniques in my mother tongue has been of immense help, but apart from that, Javier has been the best guide that I could have ever found in this journey, motivating me to continue practicing the techniques and as a living example of the results of this method. Watching Javier’s eloquent speech is the best motivation to practice the techniques assiduously, to dedicate daily to read aloud and to focus on mind training; knowing that there are tangible results if I continue with the training.

On April 2020 I managed to go at least 4 weeks without stuttering, which means that I have become a Person Who Stopped Stuttering. I have managed what I thought to be impossible! My next target is to get rid of the residual speaking fears and to learn to love to speak. The weekly meetings of Speech Masters Club in Speech Anxiety Cures are proving to be extremely helpful in this aspect. It is the ideal place to learn how to do it.

Very soon I am going to have to present my thesis at University. And thanks to all that I have learned I know that I am going to do it great.

Having read Lee Lovett’s book and becoming a part of Speech Anxiety Anonymous (SAA) and Speech Anxiety Cures (SAC) have been the best decisions I have ever made. Stop doubting and get in contact with them right now! You won’t regret it.

SEBASTIAN, Peru, May 2020

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