Pawan, Australia

I am an ex-stutterer, and I wrote this book review on Amazon: “If you stutter then just reading and following this one book is all you need to do to stop the habit. Lee is a lovely person who is sharing his learnings with everyone and wants to help everyone. Don’t go anywhere else, he and his team wants to help you. Just come and experience the love and care and be cured.”  I mean every word of it.

I am Pawan.  I’m 26 and I live in Australia.  I begam stuttering in school in my late teens, and I fell into repetitions, especially socially.   My speech was okay with family and friends, but with strangers I often struggled with almost half of my words.  I didn’t know what to do about it, and I began looking around on the internet, and I found Lee’s book. After I read it, I emailed him; I didn’t expect to hear from him, but he replied right away, and I started Skyping with him.  After a few Skypes, I got his message and methods. They worked!!! There is a new world of help out there for stutterers, it’s Speech Anxiety Anonymous, where ex-stutterers help stutterers beat it, and they do it for free.

Pawan, Australia, September 2018   


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