Josh, India

My name is Josh.  I am 27 and live in Chennai, India.  I have a degree in mechanical engineering.  I have been stuttering since age 3. My stuttering has taken the form of blocks and freezing.  Under pressure, I typically blocked on about half of my words.

As a kid, I had many therapies, including putting pebbles in my mouth while I spoke; I also tried elongation, slowing speech and breathing methods, but none of this really helped me.  I found Lee’s book on Amazon and read it, and it made so much sense, and it helped me straight away, and, in his book, he invites readers to email him. So, I did. This led to Skyping.  

Beginning in early 2017, we did about ten Skypes, and this helped me enormously.  I was able to stop blocking and freezing. As of now, I haven’t had a bad incident (one where I appear to have a speech disability) in over four months.  

I have nothing but gratitude for Lee’s book and what he did for me, giving me his time and advice, over and over again, until I got it.  I never thought that I would be able to stop stuttering, but I have, and my entire life is so much better. I was just married as a bonus.  Whoever you are, I have this to say to you: You CAN beat stuttering. It just takes belief and determination. Lee’s methods work. So, don’t waste your life stuttering.  Get his book, and Skype with him or one of the other coaches with SAA, and begin a new life for yourself. I did, and I love it.

Josh, India, June 2017

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