Jim, London

My name is Jim.  I’m 33 and am from London, but I work in Qatar.  I began stuttering at age 3, and it grew to 90% by age 10; repeats became blocks.  I stumbled on some of Lee’s crutches on my own, such as using synonyms and rephrasing or changing thoughts.  I became very good at hiding my stutter.  While I have now long been perceived as a fluent speaker, I have always been a covert stutterer.  My primary issue has been with public speaking.  The larger the group, the greater the angst.  

In around 2010, I began doing extensive research online to try to find a method that actually works and that I could fully commit to do.  At age 26, I found John Harrison, who, like Lee, attacks the psychological aspects of the mind and their effects on speech.  I did ten Skype sessions with him, and they helped.  I emerged feeling much more confident about my speech.  In 2016, I found some of Lee’s videos online, which led me to his book, which I enjoyed immensely.  I later read Lee’s 3rd Edition in 2019, and it was many times better than  the 1st Edition.  I then contacted Lee and  did a half dozen Skypes with him.  His combination of methods (hearing fluency via reading aloud, doing daily mind-training, and his crutches) provide powerful tools to enable one to avoid stutters in any situation.  By using them, I have become confident in my ability to avoid stutters in any situation.

Fears of speaking to large groups still remain, but I plan to work on those in the ways that Lee suggests  in Section 16, Post-Cure War Against  Fear, of his book, including attending SAC’s  speech club, SpeechAnxietyMasters  and adding Toastmasters in due course.

My point is that, as I see them, Lee’s methods work, and I urge PWS to take advantage of them.  Lee’s dream (of a planet without stutterers) well may become a reality.  He and his team of ex-stutterers deserve our commendations and support.

JIM, London, September 2020

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