Amreet, Nepal

I do not write English good, but I try here.  I am Amreet. I live in Nepal and am 17. I stutter from childhood to as much as 70% of my words.  My sister stutters. I cannot afford therapy. I find coach Lee on Internet and read his book and Skype with him.  He is my inspiration. I learn the crutches and do meditation self hypnosis. My confidence level grows day by day using your crutches and home exercises.  I have quite improved my speech disorder. I used to be nervous all the time I talked to people. I don’t had a disabled speech incident in over two months now.  I do my autosuggestions twice a day and I use the crutches; my best ones are talking softly, slower, read aloud and use crutch number one. I never had such good speech and I almost never think about my speech anymore.  I am grateful to coach Lee for his book and his time and his methods. They work for me. I am trying to form a speech club at my high school. I don’t hate to speak anymore. I am even learning to love to speak.

Its great turning point of my life to coach with lee and follow his methods as it doesn’t only teach to escape stuttering, further it also teaches PWS to communicate to people and influence them. His methods are genuine and he is such a kind hearted man. I am also very thankful from my bottom of my heart that he gave me the space in his hectic schedule to talk to me in skype and share my problems with him.

Last but not the least, I want to share my experience to every PWS who is reading this, that don’t just leave your stuttering problem being panic and thinking that I cant make up. Rather inspection in your speaking is very much important because stuttering problem is almost situational. It triggers only when you give this problem a space in your life. So, please l strongly recommend you to not to be in dilemma but follow lee methods and contact him. They are really helpful as it helped me . It doesn’t only help you in stuttering situations but you become a genuine person with good communication skills as we all are in need of it.  You can hear me talk here Thank you!

Hope this helped you!

AMREET, Nepal, February 2019

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