Surveys show that people fear public speaking more than death.

Glen Croston, Ph.D., The Real Story of Risk 2012


Established in 2017 by
Speech Anxiety Anonymous (SAA)


As of late 2017, the long-standing view of the medical community was as follows: “Stuttering is an incurable disease.” This is no longer true. People who stutter or have related speech disabilities (PWS) are self-curing with regularity and in as little time as three months – provided they are willing to work at it and have open minds to curing. Self-cures are here defined as “speech that is not detectable by strangers as stuttering”. Some fears and/or occasional stutters will occur for some time thereafter, but relapsing into detectable stuttering is uncommon. These self-cures are grounded in methods of mind training and mind control, as described in Lee Lovett’s book, Stuttering & Speech Anxiety Self-Cures, which are often further explained by SAA’s Coaches in Skype-coaching sessions, all at no charge to the PWS. Achieving a self-cure of any disease widely held to be “incurable” is an enormous accomplishment that should be recognized. Accordingly, SAA has established this Speech Hall of Fame. As many of those self-cured wish to preserve their anonymity, SAA does not give the Inductees’ last names, except those of its Founders. Those, who have self-cured and inducted into the Speech Hall of Fame to date, are listed in the self-cure stories that follow.

Lee Lovett

From puberty to around age forty, I was a suffering stutterer. Unless you knew me then, you haven’t known me as a stutterer. In fact, by age thirty, I had become very good at hiding it from most. The irony is that, pre-teens, I spoke exceptionally well, but, after one ghastly reading-aloud instance at school, […]

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Prathusha Ravi

My name is Prathusha Ravi. I was born and raised in India; Mumbai is the closest big city to me. My languages are Tamil (an Indian dialect) and English. I’m 22, single and I work for company that specializes in doing computer work for the Bank of Montreal. I began stuttering around age six. As […]

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I am thrilled to be able to say that Lee’s book led to my self-cure. My name is Michael; I am 50, live in Texas, and work as a senior leader for major oil & gas company managing a large global team. Although I have a successful career, it has been inhibited by stuttering. As […]

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Soraia Zalin

Preface by SAA: For many different reasons, there are many PWS who prefer to remain anonymous. They appear on Facebook and elsewhere online under pseudonyms and post artwork or nothing in lieu of their pictures. SAA respects their wish for privacy. The story below, of Soraia Zalin, is about one such PWS. It is her […]

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Josh Zello

My name is Josh Zello. I’m 23, and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I have been a severe stutterer, under pressure, stuttering on every word on bad days, since age 3. By profession, I teach the Christian Bible to approximately 1,000 children, and I’m studying to be a minister. About a year ago, in […]

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Zhenhua “Johnson” Sun

My name Is Zhenhua (Johnson) Sun; I was born and raised in China; I’ve been a severe stutterer since age 3. I came to the U.S. two years ago to work on my Master’s Degree. Three months later, with enormous pressure in a foreign country, I found I couldn’t talk at all. After communicating with […]

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Jason Ewing

My name is Jason Ewing, and this is my story about stuttering. I’m not a writer, but these are my thoughts as spoken to Lee, and I edited the written words, and I approve them as they are written below. I’m 42, married with two children, and live in Bardstown, Kentucky. I work in a […]

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Ricky Singh

My name is Ricky Singh; I’m 28, single, a Hindu born in India, now residing in New Delhi. I work as a computer programmer. I have been stuttering since age 3. It has been an ugly and a very heavy cross to carry. I had several therapies in the past. While some of these have […]

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Gopes Niraula

My name is Gopes Niraula. I was born and raised in Nepal and Nepali and English are my primary languages. I’m 42, married and have two children. For the past ten years, I have lived in Washington, D.C. By profession, I am an IT systems’ analyst. I began stuttering with my first words as an […]

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Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan, who is among the most famous Indian actors, offers another, well-known example of a self-cure of stuttering. While Mr. Roshan has not worked with SAA, he has used and uses one of the regimens that SAA recommends: Reading aloud. In 2011, Mr. Roshan publicly disclosed that he has long had a stuttering problem […]

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I have struggled with stuttering most of my life. I thought that I would outgrow it, but I didn’t. Sometimes, I blocked completely, causing severe anxiety and depression. I have craved for days, hours and minutes when I did not stutter– and when I did not FEAR stuttering. It consumed my thoughts and me. After […]

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My name is Andrew. I’m 39, married and have two children. I am a native Canadian and live in Toronto and work in equity research for a bank. I majored in computer science at university. I have had problems with my speech for as long as I can remember. I guess you can call me […]

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My name is Thomas. I live in New Zealand but I was born and raised in India. I’m 27 and Malayalam (an Indian dialect) is my first language, and this is this is the story of my life battle with stuttering. It was like a nightmare. It began when I entered school, at age six. […]

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My name is Jay, and I’m from Los Angeles. I’m 36, married with a daughter. I work for CBS TV in the financial department, where I manage a group of financial analysts. I hold a B.A. and a MBA in finance. My first memory of stuttering was at the age seven in school. When asked […]

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My name is Deven and I am 27 living in Texas. I am an accountant at an oil company. I began stuttering in the first grade. The teacher used to make us read aloud to the class. I was nervous and stuttered and everyone had a good laugh. The more that I stuttered, the more […]

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My name is Nick. I’m 30 and I live in Canada, where I am a biologist. I have stuttered since age 3. I guess that I had a “medium” stutter, but it was bad enough to cause me incredible embarrassments and pain in school and social situations for most of the last 27 years. As […]

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My name is “C J” , I’m 28 years old, and I live in Kentucky. I graduated college in 2011 and have a Bachelors in Psychology. My first memories of stuttering are from age 5, when I was pulled out of kindergarten class for speech therapy. I didn’t really know what was happening, I just […]

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I began stuttering at age 5. I ranged from mild to severe with blocks that sometimes kept me from speaking at all. I am 23 years old now, and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I don’t really like to talk about my problems with strangers, and I don’t feel comfortable yet putting my name and […]

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